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October 2023 | Selling 

Every seller wants their home to sell quickly for and achieve a maximum price, but it takes more than luck to make this happen. A few minor touch-ups can go a long way towards making a favorable impression on potential buyers – and likely, to seal the deal.

Of course, little tweaks won’t hide major apparent problems and won’t help, especially if your asking price does not correlate with the current market condition. Be realistic and be prepared – look at your house as if you are seeing it for the first time and start with the basics.

Use these 5 tips to wow potential buyers.

Enhance the exterior

Ensure your home looks inviting from the outside. More than one buyer has decided not to even enter a home based on its kerb appeal, so make sure your home’s exterior looks excellent. Mow the lawn, trim your shrubs, weed your garden, and add a splash of fresh paint where needed. Keep the pathway clear by removing all the unnecessary: tools – in the garage, kid’s toys – in the garden shed. Just adding a row of potted flowers along the pathway and a cheerful wreath to your front door can make a big difference.

Interior: refresh and repair

Now is the time to get your hands-on minor repairs that can make or break a sale. Replace cracked floor or counter tiles and patch any holes in the walls. Fix leaky faucets and doors that don’t close properly, as well as kitchen drawers that jam. (Kitchens are a big selling point for many buyers, so make yours as spotless and uncluttered as possible.) Make every surface shine – from ceiling fans to floors and everything in between, clean your home until it sparkles. Small decorations make an impression too. Place some scented candles in the bathroom, throw in a few cozy sofa pillows and buy a new welcome mat. Let buyers know they’re invited into your home.

Décor: declutter and depersonalize

Potential buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. Consider painting walls neutral colors, especially if they’re currently hot pink or purple. This will allow the buyers to focus on the spaces themselves, not the color of the walls. By removing some personal items, you will ensure that the buyer feels as comfortable as possible walking through your home during the viewing, as if they already live there. Agents and their clients will be curious about storage space and will want to check closets and cabinets. It’s crucial to ensure these are organised, as it sends a negative message if your storage spaces are cluttered with items falling out.

Let there be light!

Open all the windows to let in natural light and add floor or table lamps to areas that are dim. A bright, cheery room looks bigger and more inviting (Clean your windows – dirty windows can reduce the amount of natural light by up to 40%.)

Stage it

Staging your home is all about keeping the potential buyer in mind. You want to help buyers picture themselves relaxing with family or guests by grouping your furniture into arrangements that inspire conversation. Make something yummy – bake cinnamon rolls; the smell of freshly baked goods relieves tension and allows people to connect with space easily. An inviting armchair, freshly brewed coffee and a book can turn that empty corner into a reading nook. You want to draw their look past any faults in the home and highlight what’s good about it. When you stage your home correctly, it will accentuate the best parts of it and give it a higher probability to sell your house faster. A home styled with balance, filled with love and happiness will no doubt find its new owner.