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May 2023 | Buying , Investment , Selling

Both buyers and seller require representation but here we set out the differences between the two.

The Selling Agent

  1. A selling agent will carry out detailed research of your property, the immediate local market, and the wider London market.
  2. A selling agent will share with you the range of prices for your property related to your timescales, condition and types of likely buyers and the properties you will be competing with.
  3. A selling agent will prepare particulars presenting your property in the best light possible with photography, floorplans, and videos.
  4. A selling agent will then put together a marketing strategy to meet your needs and maximise the value in your asset.
  5. A selling agent will understand how to ensure your property is seen by the largest and importantly the best buyers and be skilled in ensuring maximum exposure giving the best opportunity for the highest price to be reached.
  6. Generating the maximum number of enquiries is key so that the selling agent may qualify buyers to ascertain who the best buyer is for your property.
  7. A selling agent will show your property and save your time on phone calls and numerous visits. Imagine how many incoming calls from those who want to know more and see the apartment comes after putting your property on the market?
  8. A selling agent will negotiate with the buyer or their agent and will maximise the sale price for you.

The Buying Agent

  1. A buying agent will determine the most critical criteria of a new property to be searched, will list all your wishes, and will give you the guidance of the budget needed and the cost of a new home.
  2. A buying agent will make a thorough search of the areas and will find best listed or off-market properties for you.
  3. A buying agent will preview properties to ensure they meet your criteria.
  4. A buying agent will arrange for you to see you the shortlisted properties and will provide comparisons and analysis.
  5. A buying agent will guide you on the seller’s motivation to sell.
  6. A buying agent will check the history of the property, check the plans of the local council for potential re-development and planned improvements for the area.
  7. Using his professional experience and knowledge a buying agent will negotiate with the seller or their agent on your behalf.
  8. A buying agent will calculate all associated transaction cost and help you to save where possible and will manage transaction process for you.

It is essential to understand that the main difference between a selling agent and buying agent is that the first one will take care about the interests of the Seller and the second one will protect the interests of the Buyer.

A competent agent for a reasonable fee will help significantly reduce your time and costs, as well as will help you to make an informed decision when selling or buying.