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Nataliya Makhonina-Byrdan


In a relatively short time, Nataliya has travelled a successful path through finance, economics, international banking, financial services, insurance and now property. In her career she has worked for international banks, BMW Group Financial Services, family offices and property companies. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, particularly in luxury business practice. Her ambition has propelled her from a modest origin in a provincial Russian town to her current standing as the founder of Fortuna and Co. a prominent UK-based luxury property firm. Throughout her remarkable journey, a common thread has endured: her innate warmth and a genuine desire to assist individuals in acquiring and safeguarding their wealth.

Nataliya possesses a wealth of experience across numerous facets of luxury business, including negotiation, acquisition, sales, investment, management, and, notably, communication. This comprehensive skill set renders her an exceptionally gifted advisor, well-equipped to guide clients towards prosperous luxury real estate ventures.

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Market UpdateFeaturedMarket Update
February 2024
4 min read

February 2024: London Property Market Update | Lettings

The stock of homes to let at higher rents has been increasing steadily since 2021.
Market UpdateMarket Update
February 2024
3 min read

February 2024: London Property Market Update | Sales

Changes in the balance between supply and demand led to an increase in the number of homes available for sale.
Market UpdateMarket Update
January 2024
3 min read

January 2024: London Property Market Update | Lettings

Rental growth tends to slow in the Prime Central London lettings market.