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Sotiria Petropoulos

Letting Manager

Sotiria’s journey into the property industry began in her family’s business, where she was immersed in the buy, build, and sell model from an early age. Her professional career commenced as a Property Assistant for a residential developer in Toronto, Canada. There, she honed her skills in project management, collaborating with diverse stakeholders and leading cross-functional teams to deliver projects punctually, within budget, and with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Sotiria’s educational background in International Relations and Political Science enriches her understanding of global dynamics and human relationships, granting her a unique perspective. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws degree, specializing in Property Law, to expand her legal knowledge.

Her passion for project management is deeply rooted in her ability to foster relationships, employ big-picture thinking, and employ creative problem-solving to instigate meaningful change. During her tenure at Fortuna and Co., Sotiria’s pursuit of excellence facilitated the seamless integration of various CRM systems, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and the delivery of exceptional customer service.

Recognizing that every client is unique, Sotiria is dedicated to fostering a sense of tranquility and assurance among her clients. She accomplishes this by prioritizing growth, efficiency, and profitability while safeguarding and enhancing their valuable assets.

News and Insight

News and insight

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February 2024
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February 2024: London Property Market Update | Lettings

The stock of homes to let at higher rents has been increasing steadily since 2021.
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February 2024
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February 2024: London Property Market Update | Sales

Changes in the balance between supply and demand led to an increase in the number of homes available for sale.
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January 2024
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January 2024: London Property Market Update | Lettings

Rental growth tends to slow in the Prime Central London lettings market.